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The Financial consumer

Ultraserfinco guarantees and ensures that every employee offers quality service to its clients. This means providing elements that will ensure safer, more equitable relationships and disseminating clear and sufficient information about its products, services, rights and acquired duties. Ultraserfinco also ensures that all of the complaints are handled in a high quality and timely manner. We also try to identify potential complaints in order to take preventative action before the complaint arises.

The claim response process for our clients and users has been designed to respond to any complaint in a comprehensive and timely manner. It has been created in line with the terms established by law and in accordance with the specifics of each case.


  • What is a Complaint: It is an observation which has been caused by either poor service from one of the units or by a Ultraserfinco

  • What is a claim: It is a disagreement that a client has presented which, by its nature, is monetary.

  • What is a request: It is a petition generated by the client because of their need for a document, information, or a change in conditions, regarding a product they own with Ultraserfinco
    , e.g. a certificate of retention at source

How to file your claim

Available filing channels: The available channels of Complaints, Claims and Requests, is through: Medellin Call Center 444 7372 and for the rest of the country our toll free 018000 1 73 72. Internet

Information required in order to file:

To file a claim it is essential to have the following information: personal information (full name, ID number) number or type of products under the claimants name and contact information.

Description of the facts of the complaint or claim:

You can express your request, suggestion, complaint or claim by clicking here. Any request that the client has can be filed through any of the customer care channels. If you don’t receive a timely or satisfactory response to your request, you can contact: